Whole Body Wellness

Come and experience healing in a place dedicated to the restoration of the body to wholeness. Return your body to its natural order, so you can truly live your life to its fullest.


Terri Poch is an Artisan Healer who brings out the best in you. Your beauty, health & wellness come to life with her treatments.


Welcome to a world of Beauty, Health and Wellness offered by professional rolfer and artisan healer, Terri Poch.

What does Whole Body wellness mean? It's your beauty emanating from the inside out. Co-mingling mind-body wellness brings together your mental and physical traits to bring out the real you. The best you. Under Terri's guidance, she'll help unleash your mindfulness to the experience, meaning you're an active participant in the process of your health.

At our studio, each treatment incorporates healing modalities that bring results you can feel and see. Pain management solutions include light, cold and structural integration. 

  • Experience reduced muscle fatigue and enjoy faster muscle inflammation recovery with PBM Therapy or Photobiomodulation, a Low Level Light treatment that stimulates the regenerative process at the cellular level.
  • Enjoy cryotherapy, an amazing cold therapy treatment that reduces inflammation, relieves pain and more.
  • Restore your body to its natural order so you can truly live your life to its fullest, with structural integration.

Join the thousands who have experienced natural pain relief and improved quality of life, working with Terri.